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Que significa Scalping?
Scalping en Forex. El Forex generalmente representa el campo que utilizan los que hacen scalping, porque permite operar con un apalancamiento más alto con respecto a otros instrumentos y, por lo tanto, pueden abrir posiciones con márgenes iniciales más bajos.
My communications with, and attempts at getting Plus500 to clarify Scalping" Forex.
Hi all -. We all know that Plus500 has a poor reputation regarding withdrawals. I do not trade with Plus500 anymore, but am posting this here so that new traders are aware that Plus500 can classify any trade as scalping at any time.
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Deze regel gaat niet alleen op voor het handelen met Plus500, maar eigenlijk voor het handelen op elk platform waarop je kan traden. Ten tweede, lees de regels ééns goed door, veel mensen doen aan scalping, waarbij ze binnen enkele secondes de positie aangaan en weer verkopen.
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Bevor ich Geld einzahle, will ich aber weiter mit dem Demokonto handeln, denn momentan bereitet mir das noch genügend Spass und ich riskiere dabei nichts. Ebenfalls interessant zu diesem Thema ist dieser Artikel. Schlüsselwörter Tags: plus500 webtrader, scalping plus500, plus500 android, plus 500 android, plus500 test.
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I am new to the forex world I, am from london recently I opened up an account with plus 500 put 1100 pounds in After trading and doubling my account in three weeks time I lost all because plus 500 doesnt allow scalping and I didnt close my positions under 10 minutes time.There is nothing in their user agreement what can be treated as scalping .what is minimum time limit? etc.i am happy to loose because I am not going back to them looking for good Brooker in London with whom I can carry on trading. Pollar May 24, 2017, 2:36pm: 4. About the prepaid card. I am really, really sorry Mohammad but this is your friends fault for not telling you this. NEVER use prepaid cards for depositing money for trading. This is not Plus500 fault as there are strict polices they must follow.
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This is an indirect but welcome consequence of Plus500 scaling back some of their services to keep spreads tight. At Plus500 scalping is defined as A trading strategy where a significant portion of the customers positions are opened and closed by him/her within 2 minutes.
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You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. Disclaimer for daytraders: At Plus500, scalping is defined as a trading" strategy based on the notion that client transactions are opened and closed within 2 minutes in order to accumulate quick profits from small price changes" If Plus500 believes that you are following this strategy, your account may be blocked and closed.
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Regarding which of your transactions have been classified as Scalping, the review of your transactions was performed on all transactions carried out from the establishment of the business relationship until 14/07/2019. The review revealed that scalping activity started on 28/02/2018 and continued consistently until 05/07/2019. During the period under review, you have concluded a total of 2648 transactions on the Plus500 platform.
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Er zijn daarom bijna geen restricties wat betreft handelsstrategieën. Zo kunt u bijvoorbeeld gebruik maken van een hoge hefboom, en ook scalping binnen een paar seconden of minuten verkopen van uw beleggingsproduct is toegestaan. En dat terwijl scalping bij veel andere brokers, waaronder Plus500, expliciet is verboden.

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